6 minute lesson

Mind Bending Technology and Magic

The possibilities are endless with today’s technology.

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3 minute lesson

500 Years of Women in Art

Art speaks to us through the ages, here’s what the portraits of 500 years of women look like beside each other.

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4 minute lesson

Prepare to be Awed by Finger-Painter Iris Scott

Learn about Iris Scott and her amazing finger-paintings!

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5 minute lesson

How to Get Better at Just About Anything!

How to get better at practicing!

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2 minute lesson

The Surprising World of Color: Blue

Learn about the color blue and how it is rare to find blue pigments in nature.

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9 minute lesson

When Graffiti, Stop-motion, and Wild Illustration Collide

This is what happens when you give a master graffiti artist an entire building.

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