17 minute lesson

Biosphere 2: A Rainforest and a Reef in the Middle of the Desert?

Welcome to Biosphere 2, the closest thing to Earth… on Earth?

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3 minute lesson

Meet the Planet’s Most Remarkable Engineers

From insects to prairie dogs, let’s meet some of the planets more remarkable engineers.

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4 minute lesson

The Orchid That’s Actually an Insect

The Orchid Mantis is one of nature’s most beautiful disguise artists. These creatures have found a way to fit into a unique niche in the natural world.

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5 minute lesson

Learn to Train Your Sense of Smell!

Training your nose can transform your world! Here’s how you can learn to recognize small differences in your surroundings that you wouldn’t have noticed before!

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11 minute lesson

A Quick History of Robots

How are robots changing our lives? How long have we been making robots? Should we even be afraid of them?

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