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4 minute lesson

Prepare to be Awed by Finger-Painter Iris Scott

Learn about Iris Scott and her amazing finger-paintings!

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5 minute lesson

How to Get Better at Just About Anything!

How to get better at practicing!

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2 minute lesson

The Surprising World of Color: Blue

Learn about the color blue and how it is rare to find blue pigments in nature.

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3 minute lesson

Replacing DEET with Ducks

Instead of using dangerous chemicals, this vineyard has been using ducks to keep pests away from their crops.

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6 minute lesson

Meet a Living Dinosaur: The Giant Cassowary

Did you know that there are still dinosaurs walking among us today? Let’s meet the cassowary; a giant bird with blue skin, and a horn shooting from its head.

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1 minute lesson

Meet the Aardwolf!

Have you heard of the aardwolf? They’re not what you think they are.

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